Gait Analysis, Functional Analysis and Postural Analysis

Assessing how you run, walk or perform everyday activities can identify problems that cause discomfort and even pain. Addressing those problems often ensure people are able to continue with running or everyday activities without discomfort.


Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis is the study of the biomechanics of walking and running. Running is an effective way of improving Cardio-Vascular health and muscle tone. Humans have evolved to walk without putting major stress onto our bodies. Walking is an efficient movement pattern which uses the whole body. You should not fatigue dramatically or hurt when walking.


Yet running or even walking sometimes cause aches and pains. You may be someone who has stopped jogging because of pain, or you may have reduced the amount of cardio-vascular work that you do because it is uncomfortable. You may want to know if you’re running style is efficient or may cause you problems in the future. Gait Analysis can identify if there is a problem that underlies these issues.


Commonly the issues with walking and jogging are to do with muscle imbalances or loss of joint function. This could be due to modern lifestyle choices (shoes, travel, sedentary jobs) or previous sprains, strains which have contributed to the imbalances.


What you can expect when you sign up for Gait Analysis.


The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes in total:



Once completed, your gait will be reviewed with you and if necessary some additional exercises or changes to your exercise routine will be suggested.


Sometimes further examination or treatment may be recommended for particular problems.

By understanding how you run and adjusting to accommodate your particular body biomechanics may provide you with a more comfortable and efficient running style.


Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis assesses the erect or seated posture. Assessment of this can identify if your posture may cause you aches and pains.


The Advice given can help make you aware of issues with your posture and provide simple exercises or positions / habits to avoid that will help relieve the aches associated with bad sitting / standing positions. It is a useful tool in helping make people aware of how they sit and how this can affect their wellbeing.


Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis looks at movement patterns associated with everyday activity. The assessment provided looks specifically at activities (in the gym or at home – lifting weights, vacuuming or working at a desk) that may cause low back or shoulder and neck pain. Some simple tasks like reaching up overhead may feel impossible or even painful. Analysis of that movement will help.


The assessment will look at the particular movement and assess all the associated muscles and joints. After careful assessment and testing, an explanation of the underlying cause will be provided. Advice or treatment (if required) will be given and will highlight any issues that may need addressing.


You can expect a similar assessment process to gait analysis but the movement which gives you the greatest concern will be the focus of attention.


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